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• Bath and Brazillian Blowout – Get the shedding under control and take home a pet that is Squeaky Clean from Head to 10 Toes.

• Sanitary Shave – To give your pet a nice clean bum.

• Mani & Pedicure – Clip those long long toenails for a beautiful Peticure!

• Room Service – Your pet deserves the best treatment. Order from our list of Room Service offerings and we will deliver the food/item ASAP!

• ZOOZOOMROOM – You can Zoom with your pet if you have access to a phone or computer. Spend 15 minutes or more Zooming with your pet through our 55-inch TV and sound system.

Dog Boarding and Daycare

  • We sweet talk and touch all our guests throughout the day
  • Pets are always kept separated unless they are signed up for playgroups
  • All suites are radiant heated and air cooled
  • Meals and medications are fed according to owner instruction.
  • All dogs get 2-3 daily exercise periods in large outside yards (extra outside exercise available for $8). Young healthy dogs can stay outside for the afternoon in good weather. We monitor carefully outside time for senior, frail and pug nosed dogs.
  • Night times are cozy with soft beds and a blanket
  • All clients with an email address on file are automatically electronically enrolled in our Rewards program.
  • Before your dog goes home, you may want to schedule a toenail trim or departure bath.


  • To keep your dog’s coat in good condition we will schedule a brush-out for long-haired dogs every 2 weeks at a minimal charge.
  • Receive a complimentary bath for guests staying more than 30 days.
  • Shed-less treatments or de-matting incur an extra charge.


Fleas and Ticks:

​Using a flea and tick preventative is recommended. It helps us keep our facilities and other pets free of parasites. If we happen to find fleas or ticks on your dog, we reserve the right to apply a topical medication.

Proof of Current Vaccinations:

Rabies, Combination, Bordetella, Bivalent CIV


Name, name of pet, and dosage should be labeled on all medications you bring. Instructions on the label will be followed precisely unless we are given written instructions by the owner.


Our house food is IAMS, but you’re welcome to bring your own food. We just ask that you divide each day’s portion or bring it in a small covered container. Complex feeding instructions will incur an extra charge per feeding.

Blankets and Toys:

Help us keep your dog happy and healthy. Bring a couple of toys or something to chew on. We have blankets or you can bring your dog’s washable favorite. We ask that you label all items you bring.

Cat Boarding

Long-term and Overnight Cat Boarding Suite and Condos

Cat Petite Suite

The pinnacle of luxury for your best friend at our cat boarding kennel. Your pet will enjoy their very own room complete with all the pampering we can give. Great for long-term cat boarding services.

Cat Condos

Your cat will enjoy a comfortable stay in our prominent condos. They can take turns prowling the cat room or just lay and watch the lobby activity through their personal window.

Extra Pet Boarding Services

  • Treatment (per dose) and Special Care
  • Oral, Aural or Topical medication
  • Injection
  • Custom Diets or Extensive Feeding Instructions
  • Check In/ Check Out
  • ​Charges are by the night so to avoid this you can pick up your pet anytime before the lobby closes at 6 pm.
  • Reservation Cancellations must be done within 24 hours or a no-show fee may be assessed.
  • Late or after-hours pickups may incur a fee.

Ultimate Vacation Activities

A guest attendant will give your cat their undivided attention for approx 10 minutes. A good way to spoil your cat while it is away from home.

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